Why estimate your property at IDM?
Our advisors have a good knowledge of the local real estate market.

We are daily required to estimate assets, whether to prepare a transfer (transaction), finance or refinance a property, perform acts of management (ensure the building value to nine, take stock of the value of its own property as part of sound management, determine the rental value, ie the price at which we will rent the building), or pay its taxes or verify their merits (transfer taxes, property tax on property).

In case of a transaction, a good estimate guarantees you to buy or sell at the best price.

Which method is capable of evaluating, that is, of "capturing" efficiently and effectively the value of a real estate asset?
A real estate valuation can be done according to several approaches: - Compared with prices prevailing in the market for similar goods (eg sales at notaries, etc ...).
- The discounting of future gains generable with the good.

Several criteria come into play:

- The current and potential destination (use),
- The size of the land, living space, etc.
- Architectural quality, beauty, quality of materials, overall balance, etc ...
- The state of maintenance.
- Adaptation to its destination (level of internal comfort, existence of external nuisances ...).
- The location.
- The neighborhood.
The list is non-exhaustive.

Finally, we take the economic data.
They depend on the importance of the market and its evolution:
- The general economic situation: economic dynamism, geopolitical events, interest rates, etc.
- The situation specific to real estate: surplus or shortage of spaces of the analyzed type, prospects for the future, etc.
- The local situation, etc.

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