The management of your property remains more than ever an act involving time, attention and real knowledge.

To benefit from the advice of a professional who masters all the legislation
. Lease drafting - collection procedure - Claims management

To have a guarantee: against any unpaid rent if you wish, as well as against the deterioration of the property or vacancy.

So as not to forget anything: rent review - insurance receipt reminder - regularization of charges...

Our agency is a family structure on a human scale. You will have to deal with a single interlocutor, to MANAGE and PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY.

Our main mission is the optimization of management and cost.

RENT YOUR PROPERTY SERIOUSLY: We take care of the entire management of your file: legal, administrative, fiscal and technical.

We put all our professionalism, our experience, and our seriousness at your service.

The objective is to relieve you of all worries in complete security and at the lowest cost (the management fees, as well as the insurance guaranteeing unpaid rents, are deductible from your property income).

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